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This is a blog dedicated to marijuana and hemp, here we publish content to increase awareness and break the stigma around it.

in no way we are involved in buying or selling of stuff or promote the use of it.

extracts from the co founder’s writeup on his situation, situation of his family and work and also about our country and our planet … 

I Don’t know but I got Influenced and was always trying one way or another to stay high but still be motivated. i failed miserably sometimes, couldn’t perform or deliver, almost on the verge of giving up but how come this all could happen ?? life is for a purpose and we choose a certain path to pursue it. today with so many up’s and down it’s the perfect time to act to contribute for a purpose and construct something fruitful.

In so many ways i tried to get or stay high, the herb came close to my heart, irony is the stigma attached to it but believe me it’s far more better than anything else. in this Blog along with its dedicated Facebook page. we are publishing info events stories experience and anything and everything related to the cause. it has numerous medical benefits which we will also try to cover.

as we all know its involved in certain list of banned products and so a war to get it decriminalized is on across the globe and we support the same will try to contribute in revolution

if it get’s legalized our company plans to roll out THC and CBD based products & a complete line up of hemp based products along with research and grow ops

more updates soon … Till Then, Milte Hai

MAK – CoFounder

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We are Involved In Blogging about Marijuana And Hemp, We Are Discovering Ways Ahead TO make our story more useful and productive. 



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