Inhale Hold Exhale

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Its time for body and spirit to unite
my true self emerge in flight
my wings to take
to the open skies
my life to live
no sacrifice
to stand on the edge
no fear in sight
to comprehend
the rush of life

This is a blog dedicated to marijuana and hemp, here we publish content to increase awareness and break the stigma around it.

in no way we are involved in buying or selling of stuff or promote the use of it.


How May I Help You?

We are Involved In Blogging about Marijuana And Hemp, We Are Discovering Ways Ahead TO make our story more useful and productive. 



Going On


Research & Legal Cultivation

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Happiness & Wellness Products

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Work With US

In This Fight we cant tread alone we need people we need support 

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Welcome Dear Friends, Welcome to an activism attempt dedicated to cannabis a type of flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family. That Read more

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