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Welcome Dear Friends, Welcome to HempIndiaCo.com an activism attempt dedicated to cannabis a type of flowering plant in the Cannabaceae family. That is hemp & Marijuana as classified further. As we all already know that it was put into a global list of banned substances due to pressure’s from pharmaceuticals and alcohol Lobbies in the united state of America (USA). US Government did everything to get it criminalized every where around the world, especially India and Nepal. Due to intense pressures from US Government, cannabis was banned in India and Nepal despite it was a very integral part of our culture and society with various wide spread usage.

it was a move by the US Government in which a free and Natural product was well replaced with products which could generate big Revenue.

Please know that cannabis can not make you habitual and causes very little side effects if consumed in controlled way whereas pharm and liquor products are completely based on certain chemical compositions and are prepared in lab and factories. smoking or chewing tobaccao products makes you very addicted to it and hard to get rid of the habit which may land oneself in serious consensus whereas on the other hand ganja aka cannabis has various medicinal purposes.

you may never heard of two stoners getting stoned and startup a fight where as there is a maximum probability that few people get some drink and become completely senseless and rowdy.

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